Green Room



This school year, the Green Room has been having a lot of fun and working very hard! Students have been working together to learn new routines and become used to their environment.We work every day toward academic goals and our students learn more and more each day! Students in the green room love to work on art projects- especially when they get to use paint and glue.They also enjoy playing on the playground, putting together puzzles, exercising in the exercise room, and calming down in the sensory room. All of the students have been working hard on their social skills in order to make new friends within the building and with each other.They have been practicing conversation skills as well as how to be respectful to others.We received a few new students throughout the year, so these are important skills for our students to continue to do well with!

The green room really enjoys participating in swimming and field trips.This year, we went to a pumpkin farm and we went to go see a movie.Everyone had a lot of fun! Swimming is an activity that everyone finds to be very exciting!Every student becomes really happy when it is our turn to swim. They love being in the pool and playing with noodles! For some, it has been their first experience in a pool.These students have been able to learn from their peers in order to find comfort while in the water.Every student finds swimming to be enjoyable as well as therapeutic.

Green room has spent the past year working very hard on many things.We can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us!