Red Room

Paige Romero, Tammy Roberts, Darryl Turner

We are working on many fun things in the Red Room! Currently we have been talking about different individuals in the community that help to solve problems.  We have also been talking about how there are variations within species or in other words how everyone is different in their own unique way including animals.  Next month we will start talking about different rules the students may have at home, school, and even in society as well as the importance of each of these rules.  They will also be learning how to tell if something is being heated or cooled.  In December we are going to be talking about Christmas traditions and how it is celebrated differently by individuals around the world. Some of the students are also working on adding and subtracting as well as learning their sight words to help them learn to read.  A few of the students already know their sight words and are working on reading passages and answering questions about the passages.  Most of our students are also working on their handwriting skills and forming letters.  They are all working really hard at recognizing their numbers as well.  Some are starting with numbers 1-10 and some can recognize numbers all the way to 100.  We also have different themes each week that we work on an art project for.  We have so much fun in our classroom and we are always doing something.  The students in Red Room are all very active so we have to work hard to try to keep up with them.