Yellow Room

tegan wood & sarah ervin

The kids have all made awesome strides with their school work and life skills. Kiántae has completely memorized his birthday and is doing a great job using more words and communicating with staff and his friends. Awesome job Kiántae! Dominic has been surprising us all with how well he has progressed in telling time and differentiating between the hour and minute hand. He has also started reading whole stories to the classroom during our daily story time, great job buddy! Torrance over the past several months has come a long way in the way he interacts with his friends; he loves to serenade us each day with his own special song as he plays a guitar. He is also doing great with his sounds and writing his name legibly, keep up the good work T.T.!

Gabe is improving every day with his fine motor skills, such as using a fork during lunch and brushing his teeth. He is on track to master most of his school work goals in math and reading. Fantastic job Gabe!

R’Lonte has mastered his sorting goal and has even started to help with classroom jobs like vacuuming and doing the dishes. Every day R is using more and more words to communicate such as: please, thank you, iPad, and saying his friend’s names. We are so proud of him! Jasmine has been a great addition to the classroom and has been working hard on her addition goals and morning work. She has gotten a lot better about sharing with her friends and loves to swing and play ball in the gym with her good pal Catie from the Orange Room, great job Jasmine! All of our students have enjoyed and are doing well with our new routine of doing group activities, such as story and snack time. We are extremely proud of our students and how far they have come over the past several months, awesome job Yellow Room kids!